Funny Business with Jane Wells

The Market Drinking Game

This morning's marketis enough to drive you to drink.

Some have already started.

On Twitter, @bluestarair tweeted, "Rough Market: watch #CNBC (and) do a shot every time someone says #GoodQuestion."

What other buzzwords might we watch for? Good question. (Oops!)

For the record, I am not encouraging anyone to drink. I'm encouraging you to laugh while your 401k goes into the red. Again.

I suggested "Bloodbath" as a drinking trigger, and then I asked others to chime in.

From @BucketKing: "Piling on."

@Chrisnnc: "Derisking."

@Edponsi: "Kick the can down the road."

@Peter_Eller10: "Risk on/risk off." (He adds, "Would get one drunk pretty fast.")

@D_Alpher: "Capitulation."

@rewashednews suggests we focus on Rick Santelli and Steve Liesman--"Each time they interrupt each other, you drink."

@TitzenAssetMgmt: "They know NOTHING!"

@TraderRLH: "Soft patch."

From @Clydbeaty: "How about 'winning the future', where I order mega amounts of drinks and hand you the tab."

And, my personal favorite, from @n23mc: "We'll be right back."