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Asset Manager Wins $50,000 With $400 Bet On Keegan Bradley

Keegan Bradley undoubtedly was feeling the pressure as he was closing out the PGA Championship last night in a playoff victory over Jason Dufner. After all, the difference between first and second was $540,000.

Keegan Bradley
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But an asset manager also had a lot riding on Bradley's ability to seal the deal. spokesman Mike Pierce told CNBC that a man named Brian (who preferred to keep his last name private) bet $400 on Bradley to win. With odds before the tournament of 125-to-1, Brian won $50,000.

An hour after Brian won, he told CNBC that he just felt good about Bradley's chances.

"I watched him in Akron the week before and I kind of liked his game," Brian said.

So Brian made the bet, even though Bradley would have been the longest longshot to win the major since Rich Beem won it in 2002 at 150-to-1 odds.

If Brian is willing to drop $400 on Bradley, he must lose a lot of money betting money on other longshots, right?

"I definitely lose more often than I win," Brian said. "But I only bet about $5,000 a year."

Brian says he likes golf because he can get longshot future wins faster than in other sports.

"In football, you have to wait all season to see if your longshot Super Bowl pick wins," Brian said. "In golf, I can bet on a Wednesday and collect on a Sunday."

Brian said he spent most of Sunday trying to remain calm in his recliner. Even though his hopes seemed dashed when Bradley triple bogeyed on the 15th hole. Dufner subsequently faltered down the stretch, which eventually led to the playoff and Bradley's win.

So what did Brian do after Bradley sealed the deal?

"I took my kids out to ice cream," he said.

As for his wife's reaction to the big win?

"She knows I won, but she doesn't know the exact amount," Brian said. "That would just give her the greenlight to shop.

Unfortunately, for Brian, she probably knows now.

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