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Greediest Guzzlers

Typically the bigger the autos and the higher their performance, the more gas they’re going to need. That’s not considered a good thing in these enlightened times, on a planet with a finite supply of fossil fuels. Hence, numerous organizations keep track of which vehicles require the most juice, and they publish lists of the best performers and worst offenders.

Two such organizations supplied lists and information for this collection of the latest and not-so-greatest gas guzzlers: Edmunds.com and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. The council provided its 2011 Meanest Vehicles for the Environment list. Edmunds.com, in addition to fuel economy, takes into account emissions and other factors.

To give more depth of perspective, Edmunds.com, used official EPA fuel economy numbers for combined city and highway driving, and current national-average fuel prices from AAA to determine a monthly fuel cost for the vehicles on their list (assuming 1,250 miles driven monthly). “We feel that monthly fuel cost is an excellent metric because it makes comparison between vehicles much more transparent,” a representative explained. “You’ll notice that the vehicles with highest monthly fuel cost, shown below, are all high-performance vehicles, or they are large SUVs/trucks/vans with large V8 engines.”

Click ahead to see which specific makes and models are guilty as guzzlers.

By Colleen KanePosted August 23, 2011

Walker and Walker | Digital Vision | Getty Images