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10 Spectacular Toy Failures

Whenever parents put on amateur Santa Claus hats and try to choose toys for their children, they’re often in for a difficult task with several volatile factors. Will the toy make loud, irritating noises? Is it too expensive? Does it have small parts that are destined to be lost forever under the couch?

While choosing toys for a child poses many challenges, designing them presents even more. Will it be sold in an eye-catching package? Is it a tie-in with a movie that nobody wanted to see? Will it burst into flames when it’s turned on? Does it have small parts young children might choke on?

These are all factors that toy manufacturers must take into consideration, and as with any other business, none of them can bat .1000. Even companies that have dominated the market for decades have rolled out products demonstrating a shocking inattention to safety, an utter lack of taste, or a premise that causes potential buyers to wonder aloud if the toy is actually some kind of unfunny joke.

What are some of the children’s toys that failed spectacularly? Click ahead to find out.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 7 September 2011

Fuse | Getty Images