By the Numbers

Biggest Market Drops in History

The Dow fell 391 points Thursday, or 3.5 percent, posting its fifth largest point drop so far in 2011.  

Investors' concerns over a prolonged economic slowdown sent the index down as much as 528 points, or 4.74 percent at the lowest point of the session.

Thursday's market drop comes after a 284 point decline Wednesday.  In the past two days, the index has fallen 675 points or 5.9 percent.

Four of the largest point drops this year, prior to today, occurred back in August, with the Dow closing down more than 400 points.

In percentage terms, however, today's drop was nowhere near the largest one-day percent decline in the Dow's history, when the index plunged 22.6 percent back in October 1987.

Point declines for the S&P 500 and NASDAQ Composite did not rank in the top twenty.  

The tables below include the biggest point losses ever for all three major indices.

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