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Sticking to Dreamliner Schedule 'a Stretch': Boeing Analyst


"I think as we look back on history and the ability of a company like both Boeing and Airbus to ramp production rates, it would suggest that we see baby steps," he said. "Doing back of the envelope math, 10 a month by the fourth quarter of 2013 is about as good as it can potentially get."

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Investors, Gursky added, "at this point are discounting [Boeing's planned schedule], and are thinking that we’re going to get to seven or eight a month by the fourth quarter of 2013."

Earlier on CNBC, Boeing CEO Jim McNerneysaid during a ceremony showcasing delivery of the first Dreamliner to All Nippon Airways that the schedule was "ambitious," but said ambtion is "part of our DNA."

Gursky said the Dreamliner, a 787, is an important plane for the company going into the 2020s and 2030s, but the company's 737 plan "is the most important aircraft for Boeing at this point" as it goes "up against Airbus for the second half of this decade."

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