Take Volatility and Turn It Into an Asset: Donald Trump

Volatility in Asia or in the U.S. hasn't stopped real estate mogul Donald Trump from doing business, he told CNBC Tuesday.

"There is volatility all over the world, whether it's the United States or Asia. Asia could be a place that goes bad, but it could also be a place that gets much better. Nobody really knows what's going to happen," the Trump Organization chairman said, but he's "trying to turn it into an asset."

A New Trump Tower in Manila

Trump, who recently signed a licensing deal on a tower in Manila, said, "Asia’s been the thing. We'll have a lot of other jobs to be announced over the next few years." Back in the U.S., he said New York has a strong real estate market, as does Washington, D.C., because "Obama has built a government that is so big" the workers need houses.

On politics, the erstwhile presidential candidate said he met with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in New York Monday, and has met with the other Republican contenders because "I do represent millions of people who want to see this country stop being ripped off."

As to his own presidential bid, he reiterated that "if the Republicans choose the wrong person…and if the economy continues to go bad, I’d probably consider it."