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Go Blue!

Steven Orbuch

Here are some observations that the Ross team has made through the MBA Face-off in the first three weeks of trading:

1) For all of the strategizing/commentary so far in the MBAFace-off Blogs so far, it appears that the primary source of competition returns is Bonus Bucks
2) Three Georgetown team members have bolted for the Atlantic Coast Conference
3) Ohio State is just happy to be ranked

On a more serious note, the past three weeks has been a difficult and choppy market for trading.  The wild intraday price swings have also made it difficult to determine and executing a consolidated team strategy considering the intraday price swings.  This week, we have been excited to climb out of last place, and are optimistic about the possibility of climbing further in this marathon competition.

Our team is currently split between bulls and bears.  After three-plus days of gains, I am personally nervous about being long financials.  I am also looking for a short-term pullback in the markets.  My four portfolio holdings heading into the weekend are , , and .  My strategy is to take larger names in individual companies (rather than ETFs) as we head into earnings season.  That being said, next week, I will keep an eye out to play the intraday volatility in the airline industry if I can scoop stock below $2.

Have a great weekend. Go Blue!

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