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2 Internet Revolutionaries?

Hot E-Retail: Gilt Groupe and Bonobos

Cramer typically only discusses publicly-traded companies because those are the ones investors can actually trade, but on Monday, the "Mad Money" host highlighted two hot private companies.

"With the parade of new online and social media startups, we now need to keep track of some of the hotter private companies out there," Cramer explained. "They may eventually come public and even if they don't, they can still affect the valuations of similar companies that are publicly traded."

Gilt is an online retailer, where consumers can get up to 70 percent off the suggested retail price. Could it be the next

Bonobos is the largest apparel brand ever launched over the Web in the U.S. , Cramer said. It continues to gain popularity.

Both companies are revolutionizing online retail, Cramer said. So to learn more about each of them, he welcomed Kevin Ryan of Gilt and Andy Dunn of Bonobos onto the program. Check out the video see the full interview.

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