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Most Extravagant Funerals

The average funeral in the U.S. costs about $7,000. Educated consumers can comparison shop and find a coffin at Wal-Mart Stores for less than $1,000, but typically those grieving for loved ones simply rely on local funeral homes and accept their price points.

While the cost associated with the average funeral service is burdensome for most, there are those for whom no average funeral will do. Many actors, musicians, and politicians have been sent off in grand fashion, with extravagant final services featuring dizzying floral arrangements, gleaming caskets of pure gold, and limousine processions so long they seem to go on for miles. The departed may not be able to take it with them, but with enough money they can certainly make a memorable exit.

What are some of the most extravagant funeral services of all time? Click ahead and find out.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 19 October 2011

Kevork Djansezian | AFP | Getty Images