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Which Bear Belongs in the Bear Hall of Fame?

When the market charges into positive territory, we usually end up showing the famous bull statue near Wall Street as our symbol of a bull market. Sometimes we show a bullfight or the running of the bulls in Spain. There just aren't many lovable bull mascots. The Chicago Bulls? Maybe just Michael Jordan?

Darrell Gulin | Stone | Getty Images

On the other hand, when the market collapses, we have many choices.

Yogi Bear. Smokey the Bear. Bear Bryant. Fozzie. Gummi Bears. The Chicago Bears.

(Isn't it interesting that Chicago has both Bulls and Bears?)

But which bear are you most bullish on?

The Mother Nature Network is holding a vote to induct nominees into The Bear Hall of Fame. The top three vote getters out of a field of 15 will make the cut. Voting ends next Tuesday, and MNN says it will make a donation to the National Wildlife Federation for each vote cast. Perhaps they could also provide some guidance for the state of Ohio, where lax laws on owning exotic animals led to fatal results for some all-too-real bears and other animals set free from a compound.

At last check of the hall of fame vote, Smokey the Bear was tied for first with legendary screen star Bart the Bear. Yogi was a distant third. But it ain't over til it's over.

Time columnist Joel Stein wondered on Twitterwhy burly director Kevin Smith isn't on the list. OUCH!  However, one unusual nominee which did make the list is Bear Grylls, host of "Man vs. Wild". The staff at MNN says that while the British-born personality "may be a bear in name only, we think that Bear Grylls spends enough time traversing rugged landscapes, grunting and eating raw fish to qualify as a full-on member of the Ursidae family."

Hey, Boo-Boo, what's an Ursidae?

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