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SportsBiz Readers Pick Packers Next Hot Dog Topping: Fried Onion Strings

Last week, we gave you, our readers, a chance to vote for the next hot dog toppingto be featured at Lambeau Field for the game against the Minnesota Vikings on November 14. We gave you three choices — artichoke dip, fried onion strings and buffalo sauce and cole slaw.

More than 1,000 votes came in and the fried onion strings edged out the buffalo sauce and cole slaw topping by three percentage points. I actually picked the artichoke dip, but I guess the idea of a vegetable as a hot dog topping didn't fly.

So here's what's going to happen.

At the November 14 game, if you are in Green Bay, head over to concession stand 106 and you'll be able to buy our creation, thanks to the folks at Levy, who cater the food at Lambeau.

We hope to do more of these in the future, allowing you to give your input on food ideas in stadiums around the country.

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