Small Business

Kudlow: Give The U.S. Economy Some Credit


iting numbers as varied as ADP's survey showing stronger small-business employment, the decline in jobless claims and the the rise in bank loans to businesses, CNBC anchor Larry Kudlow asks, "Is the U.S. Economy Stronger Than We Think?"

"Despite all the debt and banking-contagion worries over in Europe, the U.S. stock market continues to creep higher. Initial jobless claims have slipped under 400,000," he writes. So, why so much bad news?

Pessimism abounds; you can look no futher than the NFIB's survey results, released yesterday, that show small business still concerned about whether consumers will open the purse strings anytime soon, and the shaky European economy, which affects U.S. investors even as things remain calm at home. Still, Kudlow says, maybe things aren't as bad as we keep saying they are. Maybe, just maybe, we're going to be OK.