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Thankful for Snark

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I've interviewed a lot of people this year struggling through a rough time. Yet each one has told me, "It could be worse." Every conversation has a laugh, a snarky remark, an attempt to lighten the mood.

I don't know if it's an American trait to see the silver lining, to focus more on what we still have rather than what we have lost.

Many will count their blessings this Thanksgiving, including me. I'm most grateful my children are safe, healthy and free. Everything else is gravy. Which I plan to eat in copious amounts tomorrow.

One of the things I'm also thankful for is that I live in a country filled with funny people.

"Great news! Thanksgiving Turkey pardons Obama!" tweeted @trimmgi this morning, and I burst out laughing.

"I am thankful that I don't have a boss that wants me to work on Friday," tweeted @2feryou. "Of course, that is because I can't find a (expletive deleted) job!"

That's sad. And funny.

That's how we roll.

What other country is filled with so many people monetizing hilariously silly ideas? Who would buy Mr. T Christmas cards? I would! Michael Vick chew toys!  Paula Deen butter flavored lip balm!

Where else would you send a vulgar dog puppet to interview serious people and get nearly 300,000 hits on Youtube? Here!

I'm not sure this is the progress the pilgrims had in mind, but I have to believe there was some guy or gal cracking jokes on the Mayflower, keeping those people sane.

This country was built on hard work...and snark.

So what snarky things are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Here are a few responses sent via Twitter and Facebook:

"I'm thankful I'm not an elected official as I still have a chance to keep my job through 2012." (@rglefld)

"I am thankful for the commenters on newspaper websites- they are a constant boost to my self esteem." (@cowboycane)

"I am thankful for all the Wealth I have...left." (@DarylT)

"I'm thankful for SPANX, cheap wine, Jon Stewart and Youtube - can you imagine life without singing cats?" (From GMT on Facebook)

"I am thankful for all of the GOP Presidential candidates. Because we could all use a little more humor in our lives." (@MattHaze)

"Herman Cain. But not in a way he'd appreciate." (From BC on Facebook)

"I’m thankful Beavis and Butthead returned to TV. Way funnier than the Kardashians." (@j2lovesfriday)

"I'm thankful 4 twitter so I can twirp inane comments every second i want n that no one wants 2 read." (@crash_account)

"Thankful Grandma taught me years ago that secret to great cooking is lard & butter. Also thankful Lipitor is now finally generic." (@Sand2Stone)

"Thankful for a sweet potato recipe that calls for no mini marshmallows." (Amen! From Deb V. on Facebook)

"Thankful more people coming to understand buying useless stupid s**t does not ensure happiness." (@goldmansachs666)

Would Apple products be considered "useless stupid s**t?" Maybe not. Because in addition to snark, many of you are iThankful this year:

"I'm thankful for everything in my, friends, & my Apple products...iPod, iPad, iPhone. ;-)" (From BayM)

"Ever evolving technology that makes my life more efficient and entertaining. And the letter 'e'." (From GN)

But seriously, folks. Here are some serious things you're thankful for:

"That no matter who wins next Nov, the sun will still come up and there won't be tanks in the St. Great Country or what?" (@trimmgi)

"Thankful God created Heaven and Earth. Thankful God gave man the ability to reason, to discover, to think. We are truly blessed." (@pimacountyaz)

"That even with the serious problems in Europe and our worthless Congress, we still live in the best country on the planet--period." (@davidbargmann)

"Those who protect our country even if they're our kids. Friends far & near. Having what we need most & a little of what we want." (@cabotirvine)

And one completely snark-free, truer-than-true gift we can all agree is worth saying "thank you" for:

"I am thankful for that first bite into a warm homemade cinnamon roll!" (@jjgunn)

Happy Thanksgiving! Save a cinnamon roll for me.

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