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Is the Public Tired of Donald Trump? Book Sales Say Yes.

Zac Bissonnette, CNBC Associate Producer
Donald Trump
Timothy Clary | AFP | Getty Images

The media never seems to tire of Donald Trump. The release of his new book Time To Get Tough: Making America Number One Again on December 5th landed him coverage from just about every media outlet an author could dream of.

He’s won accolades from Rush Limbaugh (“Don't just read Time to Get Tough — but share it with your friends and family!”, Limbaugh told his audience of 15 million weekly listeners), an interview on The O’Reilly Factor, a segment on the Today show, and even a bizarre spot on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

And on top of that, he has an audience of more than 900,000 followers on Twitter, to whom he tweets messages like this: "Thanks to everyone who has waited in the long lines at the #TimeToGetTough book signings.

It is great to meet fellow patriots."

Media fascination aside though, there aren’t too many Americans left who want to shell out the $18.45 it costs to pick up a copy on Amazon .

Through December 11th, it's sold just 9,372 copies, according to Bookscan, which tracks about 75% of all retail book sales in America.

To be sure, that’s a number that most authors would be thrilled with.

But given that Trump’s first book The Art of the Deal is one of the bestselling business memoirs of all time, the early sales for Time to Get Tough seem indicative of a star on the decline.

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