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Celebrity Insured Body Parts

Athletes and celebrities depend on their physical prowess and appearance to earn their livelihoods, and some will go to great lengths to secure it. Though the practice may seem outrageous to many, these stars have shelled out big money for insurance policies on the assets that have been benchmarks of their success: their bodies.

Taking out a policy on a body part, although rare, has been around for decades. During the 1920s, silent film clown Ben Turpin, who was known for his crossed eyes, took an insurance policy out if his eyes were to ever become uncrossed, TIME magazine reported. From their legs to the hair on their head and everything in between, the rich and famous are seeking to protect their money makers, and sometimes to gain a little publicity as well.

And who exactly is penning these policies? UK-based Lloyd’s of London, has become known for providing some of the most famous celebrity body part policies. The company describes itself as “the world’s leading market for specialist insurance” and “insures some of the world’s largest, most unique and complicated risks,” making it an attractive place for celebrities to take out policies.

So, who are some celebrities who have taken out insurance policies to cover their assets? Click ahead to find out.

By Jill Weinberger and Joseph O'Dell
Posted 3 Jan 2012

Photo: Steven Hunt | Photographer's Choice | Getty Images