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Greece Renting Out the Acropolis — Really!


Bar mitzvahs at the Parthenon! Now maybe we can afford to get Angelina Jolie to play Athena!

The Parthenon in Greece
Scott E. Barbour | Getty Images

You can now rent the Acropolis in Athens. Really. Seriously.

The Greek government has approved a cut-rate plan for film crews and photographers: You can now rent the Acropolis for the day for a movie shoot, for $2,050 — slashed from $5,000.

Elsewhere, my favorite website today is, which has a Financial Advice Generator that generates random financial advice.

My favorite so far: "The smart investor this season will be sure to diversify credit-linked commodities."

There's also one for wine commentary, equally hilarious: "the 1849 White Zinfandel from Capone Winery brings together cryptic musk flavors with a you-know-you-want-it flouride perfume."

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