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Feds Send Message Clearing Chevy's Volt

Chevy Volt

When the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration officially closed its investigation into whether the Chevy Volt batteries are safe, it did something highly unusual.

NHTSA issued a statement essentially saying, "case closed." 

Typically, when NHTSA closes an investigation, there is no public statement. Not this time.

This time, NHTSA issued a very public release, explaining it closed the Volt case, finding no safety defect.

Then the federal government went a step further.

In its release, NHTSA said the Chevy Volt and other electric vehicles pose no greater risk of catching on fire than gasoline-powered cars.

It was a very public and strong statement about the safety of electric vehicles.

The conspiracy theorists will immediately say the feds gave the Volt a big stamp of approval because Uncle Sam still owns 25 percent of the stock of Chevrolet's parent, General Motors .

And there's no doubt this will come up when the House Oversight Committee holds a hearing on the Volt investigation next Wednesday.

One thing is clear: NHTSA sent a strong message Friday about electric cars, their technology, and the safety of those vehicles.


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