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Homes of Comedy Stars

Maria Bamford of “Comedians of Comedy” loves watching “Celebrity Homes” on E! She has a bit where she imagines hosting her own show called “Comedian Homes” in which she would feature the pathetically humble abodes of her standup-scene friends: “This is the kitchen, this is the bathroom, the bedroom—and this is really where the 400 square feet of my apartment is.”

If Bamford were interviewing friends who have parlayed their comic talents into blockbuster movies, lucrative TV roles, and best-selling books, however, it would be a different story. These homes owned by comedy stars, provided by Realtor.com, have closets larger than 400 square feet, they have beachfront and bay views, they have invisible edge pools, and spas and guest houses. While many of the following 12 homeowners got their start in standup comedy, most of them are better known for their work on the big and small screens — and one is nominated for a 2012 Oscar.

By Colleen KanePosted 24 January 2012