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Facebook Vs Apple - Who'd You Rather

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With Facebook preparing for the most anticipated IPOof the year, will it deliver?

Does the social media giant have legs?

Could it be the next (long pause) Apple?

Don't laugh.

Ten years ago few thought Apple would be Apple .

I decided to pose an apples and oranges question on Twitter and Facebook.  Actually, it was more of an Apples and Facebook question. If you could only have one, which would you choose—an iPad/iPhone, or a Facebook account? One costs hundreds of dollars, the other is free. One is perhaps the most popular product in the world, the other is easily accessible from any device.

I thought I'd have a real contest, as Apple fanboys would take on Facebook diehards.

Um, no.

Apple won by a $414 billion market cap mile.

"Love Facebook, would be big deal to me, but if I can only have 1, I'll keep the iPhone for phone/text/face time/email/apps, etc.," tweets @D_Alpher.

"iGear FOR SURE! More uses & better quality," commented @Midas_Money.

"Don’t need pics of me from decades ago showing protect the guilty of course," was the pro-Apple reply from @trimmgi.

A rare vote for Mark Zuckerberg’s creation came from @ZacharyCohn: "There are other phones."

Even on Facebook friends were telling me they'd choose an Apple product over their Facebook account!


Speaking of harsh…

Market Squeeze came up with some hilarious suggestions for Facebook's potential ticker symbol when it goes public. 

My favorites include:


I have to admit I was surprised at the lopsided response to my Apple/Facebook "Sophie's Choice." For me, it would be a difficult decision. I love my iPad more than any device I've ever owned. However, I think I might rather stay in touch with friends and family through their favored online meeting place--one I could access through any device—than have the best device in the world and no way to check Facebook on it.

Clearly I'm in the minority. "You could have had my Grandparent's old rotary phone vs Facebook," tweeted @Sand2Stone, "and I'd have still picked the phone."

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