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Extreme Closets

Luxury home aficionados and voyeurs know that walk-in closets are a given in any modern or updated high-end property. Many mansions and penthouses have closets larger than the footprint of entire apartments rented by the non-rich-and-famous (ahem).

That said, two of the most coveted closets are improbably located in apartments in New York City, where even decent-sized closets are rare. One of these closets belongs to Mariah Carey, who showed it off on the reality TV show “MTV Cribs.” It is really more ostentatious wardrobe room than closet, with monogrammed marble and gold-leaf floors, and row upon row of clothes racks.

The other famous New York closet is fictional but has been re-created. Carrie Bradshaw’s oft-admired closet on “Sex and the City” did not represent the norm — as with many other aspects of the show — but a Long Island businessman did make it a reality. He hired the movie’s set-design team to replicate the character’s upgraded closet from the movie for his wife, to the tune of $175,000. That total doesn’t even include a planned replica of Bradshaw’s beau Mr. Big’s closet. The lady’s closet was made from a 400-square-foot guest bedroom and can accommodate more than 400 pairs of shoes, plus drawers for sunglasses. The vanity is custom designed to house the owner’s preferred styling appliances.

The following collection of extreme closets, from Luxury Portfolio International, doesn’t include any New York City examples, but it does have a marvelous urban example from Chicago and several remarkable closets from other continents. It also has the closet of an interior designer/TV personality, and two celebrity closets from Realtor.com. (Prices given are for the houses, most which are currently for sale.)

By Colleen KanePosted 2 February 2012

Nic White | Getty Images