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Economic Growth Through 2050

Worries over the European debt crisis, a slow recovery in the U.S. and fears over a "hard landing" for China’s economy have left global investors searching for new markets for their money. For long-term investors that means identifying economies that have strong growth prospects driven by advantages such as demographics, natural resources or geography.

The following is a list of the 10 countries with the best prospects for long-term growth. It's based on a report from HSBC titled "The World in 2050," which forecasts what the economic landscape will look like over the next 40 years. Some of the economies are already known as economic powerhouses, while others may come as a surprise.

The ranking includes some of the world's fastest-growing economies as well as those that will have the largest gross domestic product in absolute size by 2050. Excluded are economies that are projected to be less than $400 billion in GDP by 2050. The 2010 and projected 2050 GDP numbers are from the HSBC report and are based on constant U.S. dollar exchange rate in 2000. We calculated the annual average growth rates over the 40-year period based on figures in the report.

Click ahead to find out which countries offer investors the best growth prospects in the next few decades.

By Ansuya Harjani
Posted 15 Feb 2012

Photo: Biddiboo | Getty Images