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Is Now the Time to Invest in Fine Wine?

Tessa McCann, Associate Producer, CNBC

2012 is the best time to invest in fine wine since 2009, according to wine broker Vin-X’s Jeremy Peacock.

“We’ve just come off the back of a correction, the third in 25 years, making the market very stable. But like anything, when you have a correction prices are going to drop, it becomes a buyers’ market again… Quite simply, it’s the best time to buy into this market since 2009,” said Peacock.

According to the Live-Ex Fine Wine 100 index, the benchmark indicator for wine investment, prices have been recovering since the beginning of the year and have risen 1.6 percent in February alone. This comes on the back of a tough 2011 for the industry as prices on the index plunged 15 percent over the year.

Internationally renowned wine expert Robert Parker’s top picks for 2009 Bordeaux vintage also confirmed the strength of the market. He announced that an unprecedented 19 2009 Bordeaux wines have been awarded the coveted one hundred points, the top rating a wine can get.

A top score from Parker will drive prices up, Vin-Ex’s Peacock said. "There is going to be huge demand for these wines. There are only 13,000 to 15,000 cases of these wines produced for these châteaux per vintage. So, demand for this collector’s item now is going to rise."

Peacock added that the 2009 Bordeaux vintage is rated as one of the best in modern history.