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    After 2 days of watching a slew of new models be introduced at the Detroit Auto Show, some impressions. 1. The Nissan GT-R is even more spectacular in person than I thought it would be.  it a Corvette "killer" that will replace the American sports car as the speedster that delivers the best bang for the buck?

  • Auto Show Buzz

    Industry prospects in a tough year for the economy, with CNBC's Phil LeBeau

  • Toyota's green strategy, with Jim Lentz, Toyota U.S.A. president and CNBC's Phil Lebeau

  • China's Auto Show Presence

    Chinese automakers are increasing their presence at this year's Detroit Auto Show in an effort to one day crack the lucrative U.S. market. CNBC's Phil LeBeau has the details.

  • Ford undertakes a radical change into its worldwide strategy, with Mark Fields, Ford Motor president, Americas and CNBC's Mark Haines

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    When the two largest automakers in the world announce major commitments to go green within minutes of each other, it is more than just a statement about the environment. Is about winning the battle for eco-friendly cars and trucks.


  • Hummer HX Unveiled
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    General Motors unveils a smaller, sporty model, the Hummer HX,  that can be turned into a convertible or off-road vehicle and runs on ethanol.

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    The new Dodge Ram pick-up is a big deal for Chrysler. As you’ll learn in the accompanying video, the heated competition is about more than size and power. It turns on how much luxury, convenience and cargo capacity an automaker can design into a vehicle.

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    Kid Rock rocked Detroit Saturday night with an inspired concert to cap off General Motors' Style event.  Rock, Mary J. Blige and Maroon 5 performed for a packed house while the latest GM models rolled up and down a model runway.

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    CEO  Norbert Reithofertold  says the German carmaker is "open to cooperation" with other companies on ventures, and plans to add workers at its US plant as part of a big boost in  production.

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    Chrysler's idea to use 150 steers as part of its promotional efforts for the new Dodge Ram went as planned until company executives started to address the crowd. And that's when nature called.


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    Like most big trade shows, the North American International Auto Show, (aka: The Detroit Auto Show), kicks off with closed-door sessions for the news media before opening to the general public Jan. 19.

  • BMW X6 Concept

    It's the grand daddy of American auto shows, so it's about time the Detroit Auto Show goes "Prime Time." It finally happens next week and we couldn't be happier that CNBC is the network raising the profile of the auto show.

  • Ford's New F-150

    A sneak peek of the new version of the automaker's most important vehicle, with CNBC's Phil Lebeau

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    Friday afternoon I walked into Cobo Hall in Detroit and there was a flurry of activity with cars being brought in, stages being set up, and elaborate new model introductions being rehearsed. Welcome to Detroit two days before the city's big auto show.

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    As we close out this year, I know some of you are asking, "Hey Toyota Phil (a nickname a friend gave me after accusing me of giving the Japanese automaker too much praise) what do you think will happen in the auto industry next year?" Well, since you asked, and I know some of you haven't asked, here are my prognostications for 2008.