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10. Conakry, Guinea Republic

The U.S. State Department warns its citizens that crime in Conakry is part of daily life. Residential and street crimes are common, and some crime is perpetrated by people in military uniforms. Although sentiment toward U.S. citizens in Guinea is generally positive, according to the State Department, criminals regularly target foreigners, including Americans, because they are perceived as lucrative targets.

Nonviolent and violent crimes are problems. Most nonviolent crime involves pickpocketings and purse snatchings, while armed robbery, muggings and assaults are the most common violent crimes. Despite the police’s good intentions, they have been unable to prevent the rapid escalation of crime. Police and military officials have also been known to make direct and indirect requests for bribes. Criminals particularly target visitors at the airport, in the traditional markets and near hotels and restaurants frequented by foreigners.

AFP | Getty Images