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Top 10 Countries for Chinese Investments

Top Countries for Chinese Investments

Photo: Yasuhide Fumoto | Getty Images

With $3 trillion in foreign exchange reserves and a growing need for resources to power its growth, China has been ramping up investments around the world. Net outward-bound foreign direct investment (FDI) by Chinese companies grew from $5.5 billion in 2004 to $68.81 billion in 2010.

But investments by Chinese companies have generated plenty of political backlash in some countries, and several big deals have fallen victim to regulatory concerns. In 2011 alone, $32.8 billion worth of investments proposed by China failed to be completed, according to the Heritage Foundation. That’s more than half the $60.1 billion in overseas deals made by Chinese companies last year, according to the Ministry of Commerce. Some notable failures include a $5.4 billion PetroChina deal in Canada and Bright Food Group’s $2.5 billion bid to buy French yogurt maker Yoplait.