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'15 Minutes of Fame' Athletes

In 1968, pop artist Andy Warhol said: "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." To this day, the careers of reality show stars, pop singers and, yes, professional athletes follow Warhol's dictum. For every Michael Jordan who parlays athletic stardom into successful business ventures, there are dozens of others who burst into the mass consciousness like the Kool-Aid guy through a brick wall, only to be forgotten nearly as quickly.

The athletes in the following list are notable for their brief moments in the sun. They all worked hard, trained hard, and took their chosen fields seriously, but for reasons ranging from injuries to bad luck to simple lost mojo, they faded from the public eye like the athletic equivalent of onetime “American Idol” sensation William Hung.

Read ahead to see some athletes who have left their fame on the playing fields.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 24 May 2012

Getty Images