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CNBC Poll: Which Sector Will Perform Best in 2012's Second Half?

Call in the stock pickers — fast.

Most equity sectors have taken a pounding in the past six weeks, and, yet, it's hard to see much of a correlation between technology and financials, or even health care. That makes it hard to invest in mutual funds and exchange traded fundswith much conviction.

Though tech led the charge in the first quarter of the year, it's been derailed by worries about the global economy. Ditto Energy.

Financials, which had a hot spring, have been devalued by the EU debt crisis.

Retail, consumer discretionary and telecoms — of all things — have bucked the trend, somewhat defying logic.

So, where from here?

The presidential election makes for a bit of a wild card in the second half of 2012, even if elections have been known to yield rallies. This time, legislative gridlock and a looming fiscal cliff in Washington might disrupt the historical trend.

Uncertainty and trouble rule. So what's the best way to go?