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The 11 Global Olympic Sponsors

Who has a stake in the games? Some big name sponsors for sure. Eleven of the 2012 Olympic Game sponsors belong to the TOP Program.Started in 1986 with just a handful of companies, TOP (for "The Olympic Partner") has grown into a competitive and exclusive group of corporations.

There are several levels of Olympic sponsorship, but the TOP Program firms will have the greatest exposure — and for the greatest cost. Together they have paid $957 million to the International Olympic Committee, not only for international brand exposure over the course of the 19 days, but also for exclusivity in providing services and products to the Olympic community.

From food to chemicals to electronics and computing, here’s a look at these eleven multinational corporations that signed big money contracts with the International Olympic Committee to provide services for the Olympic Games.

So, who are the major global sponsors of the Olympics? Click ahead to find out.

By Erin Barry & Andrew Eagan
Posted 19 July 2012

Photo: Ben Stansall | AFP | Getty Images