Aspen Ideas Festival

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    The annual talkfest put on by the Aspen Institute is now in its eighth year, the festival is a favorite with global elites. Here's why.

  • Alan Greenspan

    There's a lack of discussion in Congress about the fiscal cliff but it's a problem that can and will be resolved, former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan told CNBC.

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    By: Mike Fata|CEO and Co-Founder, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods CNBC-YPO Chief Executive Network Member

    Hemp is one of the most versatile crops in the world. For food products, only the hemp seed is used. The rest of the plant — the stalk or fiber, can be used for clothing, building materials or energy.

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    By: Alan Zafran |Partner, Luminous Capital and CNBC-YPO Chief Executive Network Member

    Many emerging market countries will be home to an exploding population with a growing working-age populace over the next several decades, which will lead to attractive investment opportunities.

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    By: Jeffrey D. Klein |President and CEO of The Global FoodBanking Network CNBC-YPO Chief Executive Network Member

    In sum, to ensure a world where hunger does not overwhelm society, bold leadership will be necessary to preserve civility in the global neighborhood.

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    By: Kirk Haney|President and CEO, SGB, Inc. and CNBC-YPO Chief Executive Network Member

    Rather than rolling the dice for a revolutionary solution, more investment is needed in low risk technologies with the proven ability to scale over the short term.

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    A quickly assembled panel on Thursday's Supreme Court decision upholding the healthcare reform law quickly reached a consensus: The court rightly determined that the individual mandate was a tax despite the Obama administration's insistence that it was not such thing.

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    One speaker  presented his big idea: abandoning our enthusiasm for universal suffrage. Here are the details.

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    John Carney observes Apple's iPad presence at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

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    It's hard to know what to expect from these things. On the one hand, there's an impressive roster of speakers tackling a very broad range of topics. On the other hand, there are strong hints that this thing is going bubble over with Very Smart People Agreeing With Each Other.

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  • World in Hand
    By: Daniel Franklin|Special to

    The next four decades will be full of the unexpected, since we live in an era of particularly rapid change. But Megachange is something to be embraced, not feared. Here's why.

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    Growing demand from the increasingly itinerant global rich, coupled with a shorter supply of trophy homes in some markets, has led to a rise in $100,000-a-month rentals.

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    Speculation that major central banks are planning coordinated action heightened on Friday on a media report that Group of 20 nations are preparing to provide liquidity to financial markets.

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    New Fed data show that while the middle class lost more than a third of their wealth between 2007 and 2010, the top 10% gained. The reason is quite simple: the wealthy owned more stocks.


  • What's Next for Google?

    Insight on what to expect from Google, with CNBC's Jim Goldman.

  • Greenspan One-on-One

    Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve chairman, discusses the crisis in Greece, the end of QE2, and President Obama's plan to tackle the deficit.

  • Greenspan on How to Fix the Economy

    "It's like a leaking boat in which we keep bailing it out and we're very pleased with ourselves.. the problem is we haven't fixed the holes yet," says Alan Greenspan, Greenspan Associates commenting on Europe's fiscal crisis and sharing his thoughts on how to fix a very sluggish U.S. economy, with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo.

  • Is Europe's New Deal Enough?

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera discusses Europe's new deal, and continued concerns for businesses with big international exposure, with Ricardo Salinas, Grupo Salinas chairman & CEO.

  • Shell Oil's Future Prospects

    Marvin Odum, Shell Oil president, discusses Tropical Storm Debby and its impact on oil production, oil drilling in Alaska and more, with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo.

  • Health-Care Ruling: More Tax Burden Ahead?

    David Cordani, president & CEO of Cigna, discusses what the health-care ruling means for the health care industry, with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo. David Scheiner, M.D., President Obama's former physician, also weighs in.

  • Stocks Come Significantly Off Lows

    insight on the day's market selloff, with Chris Hyzy, U.S. Trust, and Stephen Gallagher, Societe Generale.

  • Dallas Fed Pres. Fisher: Health Care, Fiscal Cliff

    Dallas Federal Reserve President Richard Fisher offers his reaction on the Supreme Court decision on health care, Operation Twist and the so-called "fiscal cliff”.

  • Stocks, Health Care & Banks

    Insight on the health-care ruling and what's next for Washington, Sheryl Skolnick, CRT Capital Group; Chris Hyzy, U.S. Trust; and CNBC's John Harwood.

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