By the Numbers

NASDAQ 100 Aims to Close at a New 11-Year High


The Nasdaq 100 is on pace to close at its highest level since Dec. 12, 2000; an 11.5-year high.

As the index hovers at new multiyear highs, just seven stocks in the index are trading at new 52-week highs \(AAPL, AMGN, DTV, ADP, LINTA, PAYX, WFM\), but only three of those names are matching the overall index’s accomplishment of hitting more than 11.5-year highs \(AAPL, ADP, WFM\).

The Nasdaq 100 is up 22.5 percent year-to-date, nearly triple the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 7.7 percent gain this year. It’s also almost double the S&P 500’s 2012 gain of 12.5 percent.

How much impact does Apple have on the Nasdaq 100 performance?

The tech-giant is responsible for 42 percent of the gains this year (215 points of the Nasdaq 100’s 512-point gain this year). 

In fact, it takes 17 Nasdaq 100 stocks to match Apple’s point impact on the index this year (MSFT, AMZN, ORCL, CMCSA, EBAY, AMGN, ESRX, QCOM, GILD, BIIB, NWSA, GOOG, STX, ALXN, VOD, CSCO, DTV).

Here is a look at the best performing stocks: