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Scenes From Anti-Japan Protests in China

Anti-Japanese protests over a group of uninhabited islands in the East China Sea escalated further Tuesday on the anniversary of Japan’s 1931 invasion of China.

The protests started last week after the Japanese government bought the disputed group of islands, which Japan calls the Senkaku and China calls the Diaoyu, from a private Japanese owner despite warnings from China. That sparked demonstrations, which have now spread to more than 80 Chinese cities, and are developing into the worst outbreak of anti-Japanese sentiment in China in decades.

Tensions have heightened to the point that major Japanese firms have had to shut down businesses in China, while Japanese expatriates are staying indoors fearful of their safety.

The dispute is also raising concerns over the economic fallout and the impact on trade ties between the two countries, which is an estimated $345 billion.

Here are some scenes from the anti-Japanese protests that have rocked China.

By Rajeshni Naidu-Ghelani(Posted Sept. 18, 2012)

Photo: Peter Parks | AFP | Getty Images