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Marc Faber, Fashion A-Lister Find Common Ground

Reporting by Kelly Evans, Writing by Sarah Rappaport

What do famed investor Marc Faberand fashion industry stalwart John Rocha have in common? Kazakhstan.

London's Luxury Fashion Sector

Both have noted the nation as an upcoming area of strength.

Speaking to CNBC after his show at London Fashion Week, John Rocha said: "We see ourselves expanding into new territory, for example Kazakstan, Ukraine and Moscow. In the Asian market, we're going into even small economies like Macau."

Faber said in a recent media interview that he has bought government bonds from Kazakhstan, arguing that economically it is "a much sounder country than the United States or any European country".

John Rocha partners with British department store Debenhams .

The company has 69 overseas locations, and opened up its first store in Russia at the start of September.

"We're getting more customers in Eastern Europe than ever before," John Rocha added.

Debuting his Spring/Summer 2013 line, which featured bright pops of color and structured silhouettes, Rocha noted the difficult economic conditions the industry is facing.

"It’s quite tough out there but our consumer won’t stop spending, provided it’s something they can’t live without," Rocha said.