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Could This Man Cost Romney the White House?


GOP strategists try and identify anyone and everyone they think could possibly damage their campaign. But they never saw this guy coming.

He’s David Corn, the Washington Bureau Chief for Mother Jones magazine.

Romney Tape: The Missing Two Minutes

Corn is the guy behind one of the most controversial stories to surface during the entire presidential campaign.

He published a story and secret video which details Mitt Romney making rather callous remarks about Obama voters at a fundraiser in May. (Click here to go to “SECRET VIDEO: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters)
Immediately the video became a hot topic of conversation with Republicans charging that Corn held the tape until now, releasing it 6 weeks before the election to deliberately damage Mitt Romney’s prospects.

However, in a live interview on The Kudlow Report, Corn set the record straight.

He told Larry that those allegations were absolutely untrue. “I didn’t have the until a week or two ago – it wasn’t until mid-August that I even got in touch with the source.”

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Although he admitted shorter snippets of the videotape have been on the web for months, Corn said “the source” did that him or herself.

And Corn also talked with Kudlow about the two minute gap in the tape that has conspiracy theorists foaming at the mouth.

“The source said while the device was running – it turned off inadvertently – then the source turned it back on,” Corn explained. That's all.

That suggests another bombshell isn’t coming from Mother Jones in the weeks ahead. And most pundits agree that another unexpected video tape, if only 2 minutes, is last thing that Mitt Romney needs.

“Romney got out there and said half of Americans are moochers,” reminded Corn. The damage is done.

According to the latest NBC News/ Wall Street Journal survey Corn may be right. Results find 50% of voters favor Barack Obama 50% while 45% plan to vote for Mitt Romney.

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