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Digital Assent Introduces PatientPad 2 on the iPad Platform

ATLANTA, Oct. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital Assent, a fast-growing healthcare media and marketing company headquartered in Atlanta, today announced the official release of PatientPad® 2.  Completely redesigned for the Apple® iPad® platform, the company's new hardware and software solution integrates easily with browser-based software applications including third-party electronic medical record (EMR) systems, reputation management services, consumer loyalty programs and healthcare financing platforms.  PatientPad 2 sets a new standard for patient engagement at the point of care.

Digital Assent's new PatientPad app was recently approved by Apple as an Apple Enterprise App, giving Digital Assent the ability to remotely update and manage the thousands of PatientPad tablets it expects to deploy next year throughout the country.  PatientPad 2 includes a patented iPad enclosure and charging system that protects the device from impact and locks out moisture for easy cleaning.

Kavali Plastic Surgery and Skin Renewal Center in Atlanta was one of the first offices to upgrade to PatientPad 2. "We love that the PatientPad has gone to the Apple iPad", commented Erik Van Name, practice manager for Kavali Plastic Surgery.  "The first version looked pretty industrial and many patients thought it was a device for the doctor.  With the familiar and easy to navigate iPad interface, we've had much less need to explain the purpose of the device to patients.  PatientPad 2 invites users to pick it up and explore our services.  It is also a key component to reducing wait times for our patients."

PatientPad 2 is the newest and most effective way to engage patients at the doctor's office.  "Our biggest challenge last year was trying to integrate with all of the EMR systems that our customers were using to manage their practice," said Tim Collins, co-founder and CTO of Digital Assent.  "PatientPad 2 makes it very easy for us to integrate any EMR vendor's online 'patient portal' into our PatientPad software application, eliminating the need to develop and maintain costly programming interfaces and ensuring much higher levels of patient utilization."

With just a couple of simple configuration steps, Kavali Plastic Surgery and Skin Renewal Center was able to integrate their EMR vendor's web-based patient registration forms.  "Having our EMR patient portal available on our PatientPad tablets has provided a significant process improvement for us," commented Van Name.  "Previously we had a laptop available in our office to allow patients to complete their patient registration information electronically.  Our patients have voiced a strong preference for being able to enter this information on the PatientPad.  They love the ability to take the pad anywhere in the office and complete their registration with comfort and convenience."

Dr. Carmen Kavali explained that patient information entered on the PatientPad updates her practice's internal database in real time, without the need for transcription by her front office staff.  "This process is all done without the patient needing to be tethered to our reception desk, and therefore provides enhanced comfort and privacy for our patients," commented Dr. Kavali.

Additional capabilities available on PatientPad 2 include enhanced practice personalization options, interactive 'before and after' photo books, improved support for digital video content, loyalty reward programs, patient reviews and patient testimonials.  "With PatientPad 2, nearly everything about PatientPad is easily customized for each practice," explained Ed Zunzunegui, vice president of healthcare provider operations for Digital Assent.  "One of the things our customers love most is enabling patients to explore their practice website, YouTube channel and Facebook page without having to worry about any accidental HIPAA violations."  The company's secure PatientPad user interface is fully HIPAA compliant.

Each practice has its own favorite PatientPad 2 feature.  "Our office loves the loyalty reward program enrollment capability," commented Angela Maiyer, cosmetic consultant at Peachtree Dermatology.  "The PatientPad gives our patients the freedom to enroll at any point during their visit, from anywhere in the office.  This has really made our lives so much easier and will help drive more repeat business from our cosmetic patients." 

PatientPad 2 also offers an expanded selection of patient education and practice marketing content.  In addition to being able to display traditional marketing content, such as brochures, magazine ads and TV commercials on their PatientPad tablets, physicians are able to engage patients with highly interactive content from Digital Assent's brand partners including targeted microsites, treatment visualizers, cosmetic interest surveys and location-specific promotions.

"PatientPad makes it easy to deliver a targeted message, to an extremely qualified healthcare consumer at the doctor's office, right before they meet with their healthcare provider to discuss their treatment options," explained Whit Lanier, vice president of advertiser operations for Digital Assent.  Premium brand partners can extend the conversation by enabling patients to opt-in to learn more about their products, enroll in their consumer loyalty program, check their point balance, and redeem offers and coupons directly from PatientPad on future visits.

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Digital Assent is a fast-growing healthcare media and marketing company that helps patients make more educated and informed decisions at the point of care.  The company's award-winning PatientPad® technology is transforming the patient experience at doctor's offices throughout the United States.  Upon arrival, each patient is given their own PatientPad® tablet to check-in for their appointment.  While they wait, patients hold on to the PatientPad® to explore relevant health information and learn more about the products and services offered by the practice.  Digital Assent's rapidly growing PatientPad® Network now spans every major metropolitan market in the country.  For more information about Digital Assent, please visit

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