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DATABASICS released a comprehensive mobile implementation of its expense reporting and time tracking software

RESTON, Va., Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- DATABASICS ( has posted to the Apple iTunes Store (iPhone and iPad are supported) and the Google Play Store expense reporting and time tracking apps that provide the full functionality of DATABASICS' enterprise solutions.  The apps are specially designed for the displays, features, and interfaces of mobile, smart devices.  Users can move seamlessly between mobile and traditional environments or work entirely in either.

This release builds upon previous releases that focused primarily upon approvals and receipt management.  According to Marcel Syriani, DATABASICS CTO, "The decision to take our mobile product to the next level was based upon our recognition that mobile is becoming a critical platform for business software.  Mobile implementations that require you to finish your reports on traditional computers simply won't cut it. We think we've done something special here since most mobile products in the expense and time market are stripped down versions of more capable systems or full implementations of low capability systems. We have a very high capability solution and our mobile meets that standard."

DATABASICS mobile apps are only available to employees of DATABASICS customers. Employees currently using DATABASICS are encouraged to check with their administrators regarding roll-out.

DATABASICS' Expense Reporting, Vendor Invoice Processing, and Time Tracking are the industry's most comprehensive, flexible, and fully-integrated solutions of their kind.

DATABASICS' customers represent all types of organizations:  financial services, healthcare, mining and manufacturing, retail, hospitality, transportation, federal contracting, state government, education and non-profit.  What they share is a need to significantly increase efficiency in managing their expenditures and labor for that they rely on DATABASICS.

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