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National Hispanic Organization Supports Florida Amendments 6 & 8

Both Amendments are Consistent with the Faithful Citizenship of CALL

MIAMI, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Florida voters should vote "Yes" on Amendments 6 and 8 this November, according to Manny Garcia-Tunon, Miami Chapter President of the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders (CALL).

"Both amendments are critically important, not only to Hispanics in Florida, but also to all residents of the Sunshine state," said Garcia-Tunon.  "The passage of Amendment 6 will prohibit the use of public funds for abortion with certain exceptions, matching Florida law with federal law - consistent with the desires of the majority of Americans as demonstrated repeatedly in national polling results."

"A 'yes' vote for Amendment 6 takes an important step of opening the door for legislation requiring parental consent for minors seeking an abortion," he said. "It is not fair to hold parents responsible for the health of their children when their consent is not required for a medical procedure that puts the life and health of their child at risk."

"Amendment 8 eliminates discrimination against churches and religious institutions that have long provided vital social services to many of Florida's most needy at a time when funding for those services is in jeopardy," said Garcia-Tunon. "It makes no sense whatsoever to have service providers banned from the public square simply because they are religious."

According to Garcia-Tunon, services provided by faith-based organizations benefit all segments of society: religious hospitals and clinics that provide Medicaid services, eldercare and indigent care; substance abuse programs; hospice care; housing assistance for the disabled or homeless; soup kitchen and food programs; prison outreach and disaster relief services; HIV prevention services and certain college and K-12 scholarship programs.

"These are by no means luxuries, but services meeting the basic needs of many Floridians. This is a two-fold opportunity to do what is right in a manner that is consistent with the faithful citizenship of CALL and its membership," said Garcia-Tunon.

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