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Nationally Recognized 'Pain Whisperer' Organizes Occupy NY Hospitals Movement to Fuel Medical Revolution of Outdated and Ethically Bankrupt Pain Treatments

NEW YORK, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Occupy NY Hospitals Movement began just three weeks ago and has already struck at NY Columbia Presbyterian where patients emerged and said they had gone for years of therapy and surgeries without getting better. This according to what some are calling the Jedi Knight of pain treatment, though he prefers the gentler sounding The Pain Whisperer.

Dr. Tom Chi is a specialist at The Pain Therapy Institute where for 30 years he has used a unique treatment on an endless flow of hopelessly chronic pain patients who've endured years of therapy and failed surgeries.

A top star of the Avengers movie said, "Tom saved my life and my career."

Dr. Umar Chaudry, MD: "Tom cured my extreme chronic pain like it was nothing!"

Chi and a film crew waited outside the hospital's entrance for patients to hobble out from their clinical therapy on canes and crutches. Some said they had been treated there for 9 years and were much worse than when they began! Horrific pain in the knees, hips, and neck - that means they can't sleep, stand, sit or lie down without suffering.

"This is a war on pain," said Chi as one woman jumped up and began dancing, tears in her eyes. She had been limping for five years in terrible pain with herniated discs and now her life was transformed right there on the sidewalk outside the entrance to the hospital.

A study of CT scans was done in the 1980s by Dr. Hugh Rosomoff at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Half of the patients in pain had arthritis. Half of the patients not in pain also had arthritis. Rosomoff concluded that most pain comes from muscles and tendons. Chi says that surgery and existing therapies usually don't help pain. Yet he demonstrates how Supertouch Therapy™ works time and again:

"Pain is not from worn joints. Even with little or no cartilage our patients have no more pain. After a year they are still pain free. Arthritis is forever but most pain can be quickly eliminated!"

A corrections officer was treated and declared his life "renewed, restored!" while the head of the hospital's PR department yelled "you can't be here" to therapist/paramedic Jared Freeland.

He explained, "Dr. Chi is just curing people of their pain."

"Oh, Dr. Chi. So he is with the hospital?" she asked.

"No he is from upstate and wanted to help your patients," Freeland replied.

"Oh this just gets better and better," she exhorted and stomped off into the hospital.

See amazing before-and-after video of Chi's results at

More than 800,000 hip and knee replacement surgeries were performed in 2003 in the USA. - American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)

Yet Chi tells us most replacements are unnecessary and preventable. A medical reporter from Johns-Hopkins Hospital was astonished after witnessing Chi eliminate three patients' hip and knee pain, rendering their replacement surgeries unnecessary.

The Occupy NY Hospitals Movement intends to stage guerilla treatments outside NY hospitals throughout 2012-13 to raise awareness that this breakthrough treatment cures most pain quickly and forever.

Chi treats patients from around the world though most come from around the US and Canada.

He has done over 80,000 treatments, is a Licensed Doctor of Acupuncture and Nationally Board Certified. Through kung fu mastery he "super-sensitized" his hands to enhance his diagnostic and treatment capabilities and he feels injuries in such detail that he can quickly affect a lasting cure.

Dr. David Garrison, MD: "Tom is the real deal!"

His Occupy NY Hospitals Movement plans to change how we treat pain: "Fast, lasting results needs to be standard and we need an army of therapists to cure the chronic pain of millions of sufferers.

"Pain therapy and surgery is an enormous industry and we need a medical revolution". With his breakthrough therapy we can now cure most pain for good!

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Dr. Chi was on staff at Catskill Regional Hospital and will be featured in the upcoming TV reality series: The Pain Whisperer.

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