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New Data Monetization Opportunities Will Result from Strategic Partnership between GRASP Technologies and The Data Exchange

SAN DIEGO, Oct.  9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Grasp Technologies announced a newly formed strategic partnership with the United Kingdom-based company The Data Exchange—a data trading organization under the leadership of travel industry veteran Susan Hopley. The Data Exchange was created so that companies can not only make money from their data but also use it as an integral part of company decision-making. GRASP is natural fit for The Data Exchange given its expertise in  business intelligence, the volume of data they we work with, and the large number of companies that will be able to make use of this information agreed Erik Mueller, GRASP founder and CEO and Susan Hopley.

This partnership will allow both companies to benefit from the need for access to key global data and prove that data has monetary value to all segments of the industry.  GRASP will provide their data clients secure access to The Data Exchange through their GRASP Data portal.  In addition to that, the Data Exchange will utilize Grasp's BI Technology to help customers of the platform around the world to be able to better visualize the data that they are purchasing and/or sharing.  "We are very pleased to partner with Susan, a true industry visionary.  We have every confidence of mutual success inside and outside of the travel space," said Rick George, Vice President, Global Emerging Markets, GRASP Technologies.

The Data Exchange provides an online platform where people can buy and sell data safely without having to approach each seller individually. This innovative marketplace lets companies or individual sellers upload datasets in various formats and set a price. Buyers can see a screenshot of sample data and assess whether it meets their needs. Using The Data Exchange's unique Field Selector buyers can request to purchase only the fields that are relevant to their line of inquiry—this streamlines their data collection efforts and allows "big data" to be turned into "smart data". Legal contracts have been developed to govern the downstream uses of data.

"GRASP's mission is to provide their clients with cutting-edge, affordable and easy to use technology, has always tried to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the rapidly changing travel and data industries and this partnership is yet another way for us to do that. We can deliver quality data to consumers much more effectively through this portal while also giving them the control to choose the data that best serves their organization," said George.  "The partnership with GRASP means that clients using the GRASP Data Business Intelligence platform will have an easy, seamless, and integrated way to provide datasets for sale through The Data Exchange and, in turn, will receive an income stream based the size of the datasets they contributed."

About Grasp Technologies
Grasp Technologies helps clients navigate constantly changing business environments by providing the right combination of custom and standardized data management solutions and support.  Grasp was founded in 1996 and works extensively in the travel industry and other ancillary industries worldwide.  Grasp has offices in San Diego, California and Columbus, Ohio.

About The Data Exchange
The Data Exchange is the innovative online marketplace to buy and sell meaningful data.  It is a dynamic, always-on, marketplace driven by real buyers and sellers.  The Data Exchange monetizes big data in a simple way, moving data away from a cost driver toward a revenue producer.  The Data Exchange allows organization to either acquire new data for use with their clients in order to close the gap between data provided today and the data you really need to create true value for your customers or to sell data to others.

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