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Rental Cars You Won't Want to Return

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --  Los Angeles is infamous for its congested streets and highway traffic, but who says the L.A. commute has to be a negative experience? One innovative and enterprising LAX car rental company is arguing just the opposite: with the right car, that commute can be a time to relax in ultimate comfort, to enjoy a rare moment of solitude with your own thoughts and some good music as company, and to take a much needed time-out from the hubbub of your daily life. California Rent-A-Car isn't just offering the finest car rental in Los Angeles; this company is offering a getaway – from the stresses of your home life and the workplace. Sure, the house or office awaits you once you open the door and climb out of that car, but until then, the world doesn't extend beyond those leather seats and the crystal-clear music emanating from your radio. That is the California Rent-A-Car experience, and it's winning more people over every day…

California Rent-A-Car came in to existence as a response to so many large companies over-charging their customers for unreliable cars and poor customer service. Why stand in line at a national chain when you can experience efficient and timely car rental at LAX from a company that offers a friendly, personalized service? The professionals at California Rent-A-Car are all about helping you find exactly what you're looking for, even if you yourself don't know what that is when you call them up for the first time. Flying in to town for a business trip? Bringing the whole family for a vacation? Whatever brings you to Los Angeles, you can find a vehicle in this company's diverse fleet that will perfectly suit your individual needs.

It's not just out-of-towners who are making use of California Rent-A-Car's popular vehicles. Plenty of native Angelinos frequently rent cars from this company, in some cases because their own vehicle is in the shop, or simply because they want to try out the latest hot model for a few days.  Lower the top on the Mini Convertible and head on down the Pacific Coast Highway. Take the Audi A6 for a spin around Hollywood. See and be seen, in the most stylish and luxurious cars available on the rental market today…

Keep in mind, style and luxury doesn't have to come at the expense of comfort and practicality. California Rent-A-Car has something for everyone, including families prioritizing space and individuals with budgets of every size and scope. To learn more about the many choices available at California Rent-A-Car, call them at (877)-524-1878 or visit online at

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