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RL Solutions Reveals Version 6.4 of Its Incident Reporting and Management Solution

American Hospital Association extends its exclusive endorsement of RL6:Risk

WASHINGTON, DC, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - RL Solutions, developers of innovative and easy-to-use healthcare quality and safety software, announced today that it will demonstrate the latest version of its incident management software, RL6:Risk, at the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management's (ASHRM) Annual Conference & Exhibition. This year's conference is October 8-10, 2012 in Washington, D.C.

RL6:Risk is a comprehensive safety, quality and risk management solution that helps healthcare organizations manage adverse events, from start to finish. RL6 also offers unprecedented flexibility when it comes to customization, offering risk and quality managers an easy way improve patient safety by evolving the system over time to meet new requirements.

RL6:Risk has also earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association (AHA) as its recommended incident management reporting system. First endorsed in 2009, the American Hospital Association today announced that after the AHA conducted a thorough due-diligence evaluation, it has extended its exclusive endorsement of RL6:Risk. AHA Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of the AHA, awards the AHA Endorsement to products and services that help member hospitals and care organizations achieve operational excellence. The endorsement, which indicates products and services have met standards of excellence for healthcare, indicates AHA Solutions' belief that RL6:Risk is its recommended solution for meeting hospitals' needs.

"RL Solutions spends a lot of time and resources ensuring that RL6:Risk is easy-to-use so that it actually gets used by managers and staff," said Sanjay Malaviya, President & CEO at RL Solutions. "If we help just one hospital capture one additional good catch, then we have done our job. We are especially honored that the American Hospital Association has again recognized RL6:Risk as its endorsed solution for incident management."

RL Solutions has enhanced RL6:Risk with new functionality that greatly improves the client experience. Some new features in version 6.4 of RL6 include:

  • The ability to receive alert notifications on your smartphone and view a mobile-friendly version of adverse event files.
  • Powerful full-text search capabilities help you find what you're looking for quickly. Users can search for data at the field level or look through all the text information in RL6.
  • The redesigned Icon Wall displays all available forms in one scrollable view and resizes with the screen's size or resolution, so icons always stay in view. Plus, find the form you need by entering the form's name or searching by keyword (users can customize these keywords to make searching faster and more intuitive).
  • Enhanced file management lets users manage files in batches: close multiple files and add multiple files to your Important Files list simultaneously. In addition, create an event follow-up and copy it to related files to reduce repetitive data entry.
  • Print, email and download file summaries to share with colleagues and personalize forms with the organization's logo.

RL Solutions will conduct demonstrations of RL6:Risk at booth 301 throughout the ASHRM conference. To learn more about RL6, visit

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