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Your iPhone Is Now Your Running Coach: PEAR Debuts Custom Training App

SOLANA BEACH, Calif., Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- PEAR SPORTS unveils a smart, new app for the Apple iPhone that makes world-class fitness coaching available to anyone. The PEAR Mobile Training Intelligence App is available now in the App Store and PEAR Mobile Training Intelligence kit is available in all Apple retail stores nationwide.


With PEAR, Athletes of all skill levels and abilities can now interact with a world-class coach while training, providing real-time feedback, motivation, and direction based on the PEAR Personalized Training Intelligence.  PEAR converts biofeedback performance data into personal training just for you and your fitness goals. PEAR has teamed up with world-class coaches, such as Matt Fitzgerald, Ben Greenfield, and Jenny Hadfield, to provide best-in-class coaching.

The PEAR Mobile kit is available for $149.99 online at, Apple retail stores, Apple online, and other select specialty retail stores. It comes with the free PEAR iPhone App, an advanced Bluetooth® heart rate monitor to measure your body's response to a workout, and PEAR Stride™ earphones.

"We know that Apple stores and Apple customers have high standards for innovative, top-quality products, so we're very excited to launch our product at Apple," said Kristian Rauhala, PEAR Co-Founder and President. "With PEAR Mobile, we're offering individuals access to the best running, weight loss, and other fitness-related coaching all within their iPhone," he added.

PEAR improves run and fitness training by eliminating the distraction and difficulty of using and understanding a heart rate monitor. PEAR also eliminates the expense and time commitment of hiring a one-on-one coach.  And the app further simplifies training logistics by providing one-touch access to an entire training experience.

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About PEAR Sports, LLC
PEAR Sports stands for: Performance Enhancing Audio Research. Developed by a passionate team of entrepreneurs with athletic, technology and design backgrounds, PEAR Sports was born from the desire to make the latest training science accessible and usable for anyone looking to reach a fitness or performance goal. With hundreds of custom workout plans and counting, PEAR's intelligence-based customizable workouts give users the ability to train side-by-side with a world-class coach. PEAR acts as a personal trainer, delivering real-time coaching, support, and data feedback while users listen to their favorite music. Users then view training results, track progress, and share performance with friends post-workout. (

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