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Genscape Completes Acquisition of Spring Rock Production

Launches next era platform of highly accurate natural gas analytics from Genscape: High value offering fuels rapid acceptance by traders, analysts & hedge funds – Educational webinar Oct 17

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Genscape, the company that pioneered the placement of thousands of in-the-field energy monitors to measure energy market fundamentals in real-time, today announced the next era in natural gas analytics and reporting based on its acquisition of Spring Rock Production. Join former Spring Rock CEO, Randall Collum, for an educational webinar October 17th to discuss The Next Era in Natural Gas Production Forecasting, with a special look at Marcellus Shale wells and new infrastructure. Register Now:

Genscape is accelerating the launch of its new Natural Gas Production Forecast service based on the high degree of consistent forecast accuracy and rapid acceptance in commercial test markets.

This new service will deliver over 30 regional forecasts in the continental United States, 3 regional forecasts in Western Canada, a Forecast Summary report (8/year), a weekly Natural Gas Production forecast, a Rig Breakout & Actualization report (showing trends and new plays), a weekly Pipe Flow Analysis update, and a monthly report on the EIA 914 filing.

“By leveraging Genscape’s network of in-the-field monitors that measure pipeline actuals to feed our fully integrated natgas production model, we will consistently and accurately tie what is expected from the supply side of the industry to market prices,” said Randall Collum, CEO of Spring Rock. “It’s a great leap forward in natgas analytics.”

Genscape is keen to note that with the elimination of intrastate data due to FERC 720, Genscape, with its vast network of proprietary energy monitors capturing natgas pipeline data in real-time, is now the only company capable of producing this data.

“Spring Rock has a unique approach to tying supply side natural gas economics to market prices,” said Matthew Burkley, CEO of Genscape, Inc. “Customers can now replace the supply side of their model with our measured pipeline data to test for imbalances and better inform their price strategy.”

“Right now we are hiring more employees to keep pace with strong demand,” adds Jon Ecker, managing director of Genscape’s natural gas group. To learn more or register for a trial, visit:

Join Genscape for an educational webinar, The Next Era in Natural Gas Production Forecasting, October 17th at 3:30PM EDT. Register Now:

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Genscape is the leading global provider of energy information for commodity and financial markets. Utilizing patented technologies and proprietary algorithms, Genscape provides accurate and timely data on capacities flow and utilization for all major energy commodities. The product range includes the well-known real-time services for power and gas in North America and Europe. Genscape also delivers fundamentals-based market intelligence services which market participants rely upon to better understand drivers, risks, and dynamics of regional power and gas markets. Genscape is committed to enhancing the market activities of our clients through access to superior fundamental data and market intelligence.

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