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SilverLine Athletics Launches Unique Digital Media Platform for Endurance Sports Industry Event Managers and Sponsors

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SilverLine Athletics, a leading provider of premier video hosting and management services for the endurance sports industry, today announced the release of its one-of-a-kind digital media platform for event managers, sponsors and content providers.

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This state-of-the-art video platform is a breakthrough service that will enable endurance sports – marathons, triathlons, cycling and adventure events – to truly benefit from the rapid and continued  advances in digital media technology.  Through a one-time, simple integration of SilverLine technology into their existing web media, endurance events sponsors and event managers will be able to develop targeted and lasting connections with specific audience groups, and will also be able to streamline their video assets and digital content with precision.  

"By integrating our technology into their media networks, managers and sponsors of endurance events can stay focused on doing what they do best and let SilverLine relieve the challenges and high costs associated with digital video management", says Holden Comeau, co-founder of SilverLine Athletics. "Event sponsorship is a well-established marketing approach in this industry and SilverLine technology adds a new dimension to traditional sponsorship offerings. It is also a necessary resource for sponsors who want to significantly improve the reach and refinement of their digital video marketing strategies."

For any industry, mobile video technology is an obvious way forward and endurance sports are no exception. According to Cisco's 2011-2016 Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, mobile video traffic exceeded 50% of all Internet data traffic at the end of 2011, and video accessed from mobile devices is projected to increase 25-fold in the coming years, accounting for 70% of total mobile data traffic by 2016.

"The endurance event industry is a perfect match for video as a display modality, since the market is comprised of passionate, high-value consumers who respond well to messaging that can be conveyed through video," says SilverLine co-founder Jayme Anne Goldberg. "Video creates a connection with consumers that is stronger than traditional display ads."

Sponsors have already demonstrated a willingness to commit a significant amount of marketing dollars to video production; however, the majority of video distribution has thus far been limited to broader platforms like YouTube. Additionally, the endurance event industry is a fragmented market, marked by the mismatch between event managers with a local focus and large corporations with a global focus that are willing to advertise through events.

"SilverLine can bridge this gap by distributing digital video assets associated with large firms to a network of targeted and local consumers, and gives a platform to sponsors ranging from the local bike shop to large, national brands," Goldberg says. Most importantly, SilverLine's technological capabilities allow sponsors and event managers to properly manage and monetize video assets, thereby creating a clear revenue stream. Tracking video engagement allows SilverLine partners to know exactly who their audience is, while SilverLine's analytics enable sponsors to track the impact of their video advertising investments.

SilverLine is dedicated to serving the endurance sports industry and its participants through innovative technologies. The company centers its business practice  on cultivating long-lasting relationships with sponsors, event planners and content creators to make endurance sports more accessible to both a core audience and to a broader base of potential athletes.

About SilverLine Athletics

SilverLine Global Inc. ( was founded in February 2012 and provides technological innovations within the endurance sports industry on a global scale. The founders are distinguished Alumni of Penn State University and athletes with professional level, world-class competitive experience.


Jayme Anne Goldberg, co-founder and CEO: 
Holden Comeau, co-founder and President:

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