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GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The fashion world is fickle. Trends come and go just like the weather but we are in the midst of a revival of the humble corset. Back in the 1800's the corset was a mainstay of fashion. Its role was to ensure that outer garments worn were well styled and that curves showed in the right place.

In the 21st century the humble corset's role has changed a little. While it is still the most important fashion item for styling body curves and giving support, its role as an undergarment is being challenged as designers develop the corset to be worn on its own and this does provide a few challenges as to which corset is right for you.

Things have certainly changed and this is why it is much more difficult to choose the right corset. There are so many fashion corsets and corset tops on the market or online that it can be difficult to tell which are high quality ones, and which are not.

Today's amazing corset online market can be found at It is all about providing you the right corset for your needs, whether that's tight lacing, everyday wear, or a fancy evening out.

This how-to will let you know what to look for in a corset store, especially like the store at, with hundreds of styles and prices to choose from. It can help answer the questions, "How do I choose the right corset," and "How can I find one that is good and affordable?"

1. Look at the boning

If you decide that you want a real corset, not just a bodice, you will need to look at the boning. All good quality sexy corsets are made with steel boning of some kind, which serves the purpose of holding the fabric taut and stopping it from going into folds at your waist and bunching at the back where it laces up. The boning in tops and bodices is usually just thin plastic, so don't make the mistake of imagining you will be able to wear a normal boned top as a corset.

  • To test if the boning is good enough, bend it quite sharply and it should spring back. If it kinks, it's a sure sign that it will dig in to your waist and be very uncomfortable.
  • It doesn't matter if the boning around the corset is slightly more flexible, so long as the bones at the front and back are fairly rigid.

2. Choose the right material

Getting the right material is really important when choosing a corset. For example, there are many corsets that use PVC. This style of material can have a tendency to rub especially in warmer climates which may make wearing the corset very uncomfortable. In colder climates you may consider a slightly heavier style cheap costume to ensure that you remain warm.

Corsets are fantastic fun and when worn correctly, they can really accentuate the body figure. These four issues should definitely be considered when buying your next corset.

Even if you're looking for more of a bodice than a corset, you'll still need a strong fabric like drill, heavyweight, or canvas. Corsets usually have a fashion fabric and a lining, so you might not be able to see the strong layer but you will be able to feel that it is quite tough.

  • Take the corset in both hands and tug on the fabric. It should feel very sturdy with no give whatsoever. If the fabric is thin enough to scrunch in your hand, it won't be sturdy enough.
  • Incidentally, if the shop assistant thinks you're damaging it, it definitely won't be strong enough to last!

3. Look at the laces down the back of the corset, if they have any

These are usually made of flat cotton, like shoelaces. Some types of ribbon can be used, but they have to be very strong material. Eyelets should be very well attached, otherwise they can pop off easily.

  • Check that the laces have washers on the back, rather than just gripping into the fabric. There should also be solid boning either side of the eyelets to distribute the tension.

4. Choose the right color of the corset

If you are buying lace corsets to wear underneath a garment, make sure that the corset is the same color as the garment. If there is a stark contrast between the color of your corset and the covering garment, it can affect the impression you give to those around you.

  • Choose the right color and the color you like most!

Final Tips

  • When buying corsets online, find a pro site, like, and ask what the bust and hip measurements are, so you know if it will suit your figure.
  • Buy the best you can afford, even if you have no intention of waist training.
  • If you are an unusual shape, or if you want to start serious waist training, you will probably need to get a corset made-to-measure.
  • Remember to carefully evaluate how curvy a corset is before buying it. You will need one which is curvier than you already are.

As an online Pro-Seller of Corsets, always reminds its customers that the quality of the corset is just as important as what it looks like, or else it won't last very long. Besides, price is good and important, and will not make you think twice on buying one.

So, autumn and winter is near, don't miss the coming 2012-2013 corset fashion!