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The Worst Fees Charged by Big Banks

Egregious Bank Fees

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Bankers say they don't want to charge you fees when you bring your business to them. They'd certainly rather have a real relationship—giving you a checking account, for instance. Still, moneymakers also would like to manage your mortgage, credit-card and auto loan. When such relationships were more common, most fees were waived.

Yet like most relationships, however, the arrangement between banks and consumers has gone sour in recent years. The Internet has made shopping for a loan, credit card, even where you deposit your paycheck to all 50 states, easier — posing more of a competitive challenge to banks. "Now you get your services from three different banks," said Hank Israel, a partner at the financial-services consulting firm Novantis. "Each has to find a way to make a profit."

The number of fees a given bank charges has gone down recently, from more than 40 to 26, according to Pew Charitable Trusts. However, you only need to read banks' financial reports to see that fees are a big part of their business model going forward.

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By Paul O'Donnell
Posted Oct 23 2012