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Hannover House Builds on DVD Sales Success with New Title Acquisitions


LOS ANGELES, Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Buoyed by a surge in successful retail DVD and Blu-Ray video product placements, indie distributor Hannover House (OTC Markets: HHSE) has embarked on an aggressive new title acquisition effort and announced five new titles today.

"An Inconsistent Truth" – A 2012 theatrical release from national radio host and filmmaker Phil Valentine, this extensively researched documentary presents startling evidence that could possibly  derail the global warming train.  An Inconsistent Truth is one man's odyssey to find the truth about man-made global warming.  As the title suggests, this film is an answer to Al Gore's Oscar-winning documentary but it's much more than a simple rebuttal.  The film not only talks with leading scientific experts on the 'skeptic' side also explores the entire culture of the global warming movement; often in a humorous and satirical way.  The viewpoint of this film might not be the most popular position on the subject but it offers refreshing diversity.  "An Inconsistent Truth" was released to theatres this year by Rocky Mountain Pictures, who are also enjoying success with the timely documentary "Obama 2016".

"Falls The Shadow:  The Zombie Revolution"  -- Three years after Doomsday, the United States has crumbled into shadows. Civilization has devolved into anarchy and tribalism. Michael, a Delta Force Captain, returns home to find his wife murdered and his daughter kidnapped by a fascist Neo-Confederate tribe. He sets off with his father-in-law, Frank, to find her and kill the Reverend responsible, aided by a disparate group of survivors.  Falls the Shadow is a story of hope, and the power of people coming together for good and evil.  This is an impressive debut from writer-director Steven Berryessa.

"Next Up: The Best of Sunset Strip Comedy" -- Get ready to fall down laughing for "Next UP," a hilarious collection of some of today's fastest rising comedy stars.  From how to deal with your family- to self-help advice for Michael Vick - the laughs are large and the comics are crazed!  Hosted by Alex Thomas from the "Jamie Fox Show" and "Player's Club," you'll see fresh new material from Deon Cole ("Barbershop"), Mystro Clark ("Lovespring International"), James Hannah ("The Steve Harvey Show"), Joey Wells ("So Fresh So Clean"), and Esau McGraw ("Phat Comedy").  Taped live from L.A.'s Classic Comedy Connection, the popular comedy stage for many of today's hottest comics, including Dave Chappelle, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx and now...the hot new stars of "Next Up!"

"25K" – An eccentric, "Tarantino-style" micro-budgeted action film from indie filmmakers Billy Chase Goforth and Houston Nutt III.   Two renegade bounty hunters become mixed up in a conspiracy involving corrupt cops, a ruthless drug lord, and a mysterious woman.  Now, they'll have to fight their way through a hellstorm of trouble in order to find a misplaced prize of $25 grand.

"The Underneath" – A nail-biting new thriller from director Brian T. Jaynes ("Humans Vs Zombies", "Boggy Creek").   A weekend excursion into the wilderness turns into a nightmare for a young couple, when they fall into a sinkhole and a living hellhole of a cave.  Now, trapped in the darkness and stalked by a race of mutant humanoids, they must fight against their fear, time and dwindling resources to survive until rescue.   

Key retail accounts for Hannover House include WalMart Stores, Inc., Blockbuster Corporate, Netflix, Redbox and Best Buy, along with thousands of independent video retailers, book stores, schools and libraries.  In addition to the company's core business of retail video, the company also is active in the emerging Video-On-Demand platforms, with licensing agreements in place for release through subscription VOD services (including Netflix), and most major VOD portals carrying independent films. 

Hannover House is located in N.W. Arkansas, near the world headquarters of WalMart Stores, Inc., and has enjoyed recent successes with products placed at WalMart.  Current issue WalMart DVD product placements for Hannover House include "Humans Vs Zombies", "Boggy Creek: The Legend Is True", "Patient Zero", "Animal Clinic", "All's Faire in Love" and "Pink Skies." 

In addition to the new acquisitions announced today, Hannover House has ten other titles in solicitation for release in the next few months.  Upcoming new video releases include the holiday-themed "Upon a Midnight Clear", the urban action film "Deceptz", the Tony Scott TV Series "American Fighter Pilot" and the current theatrical release "Toys in the Attic."  Hannover House is also releasing a slate of multi-title packs targeting the budget-bins at major mass merchants.

"Video distribution remains our most profitable revenue source," said Fred Shefte, President of Hannover House.  "Unlike theatrical titles which require hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in marketing expenditures, our investment in a home video release is quite minimal, and usually represents a small percentage of our initial wholesale shipments.  Despite market erosion from VOD, games and other platforms, the retail home video market continues to be a $12-billion dollar industry.  Our revenues and profits from video distribution continue to grow each quarter, so Hannover House is committed to expanding our activities in this high margin arena," he concluded.  

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