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Image-Pro Premier Analysis Software Supports Objective Imaging Surveyor Turboscan .sws Mosaic Files


ROCKVILLE, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Media Cybernetics is pleased to announce that Image-Pro Premier image processing and analysis software now supports Surveyor Workspace mosaic format (.sws) image files acquired with Objective Imaging Ltd.’s Surveyor Turboscan acquisition systems. This new mosaic file format support is available in the 9.0.1 release of Image-Pro Premier 64-bit and further extends Image-Pro Premier’s powerful image analysis tools for life science and industrial researchers.

Open and analyze large .sws files in Image-Pro Premier (Photo: Business Wire)

Researchers can quickly acquire large image mosaics at camera frame rate using Objective Imaging’s Surveyor Turboscan system. These .sws mosaic files can then be opened in Image-Pro Premier 64-bit with all calibration data maintained. Using Image-Pro Premier, researchers can pan and zoom and draw manual regions of interest to obtain distance or area measurements. More advanced image processing and analysis such as automatic spot or cell finding can be achieved by easily extracting out a portion of the large mosaic image to analyze.

“For years, Objective Imaging has provided researchers with amazing real-time, high quality image tiling,” states Kathy Hrach, Media Cybernetics Product Manager. “Image-Pro Premier’s support for these large mosaic images offers Surveyor Turboscan users an easy way to extract quantitative data from their images.”

Image-Pro Premier represents a sleek and significant expansion of earlier Media Cybernetics Image-Pro software packages, which are used by thousands of professionals worldwide for applications including life science research, digital pathology, quality control, industrial inspection, and physical sciences. Image-Pro Premier puts many helpful new tools at users’ fingertips. Image processing steps can be applied to all opened images or entire folders of images via the software’s Batch Processing tools. Smart Segmentation can be used to segment challenging images that have faintly colored objects, textures, and uneven backgrounds. Custom Apps offer step-by-step workflows to guide users through their image analysis processes. Users can download apps from the Media Cybernetics Solutions Zone website, or choose to develop and package their own to share with colleagues.

About Media Cybernetics

Founded in 1981, Media Cybernetics develops image informatics solutions to automate research, development, and quality control processes in life science and industry. The company’s products simplify and enhance image-based data collection and analysis to increase the accuracy and productivity of its customers. For more information about Media Cybernetics, visit

About Objective Imaging

Based in Cambridge, UK, Objective Imaging is a leading supplier of microscope automation solutions. Since introducing the Oasis line of high performance automation controllers in 2000, Objective Imaging has focused on providing hardware and software products that enable highly optimized scanning applications in microscopy. The company's flagship Turboscan mosaic imaging technology offers high-speed virtual sample acquisition for both routine and research applications. For more information regarding Objective Imaging, visit

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