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Airport Lost and Found Reunites Travelers with Long-Lost Items From More Than 10,000 Airports and Airlines


NEW YORK, Oct. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, air travel in the United States is expected to surge. The last two weeks of December typically see tens of millions of people boarding planes for domestic and international travel. Naturally, more people moving through airport terminals mean more opportunity for items of value to be lost or forgotten. Airport Lost and Found ( offers a solution to the perennial problem of lost item recovery. As a global and fully integrated system, Airport Lost and Found boasts a 78% success rate in returning a wide range of valuables to their rightful owners.

Airport Lost and Found connects the lost and found divisions of more than 9,000 airports and 900 airlines across the world, including eateries, shopping outlets and other commercial spaces inside airport terminals. When an airline passenger realizes that he has misplaced something of value, he can navigate to the Airport Lost and Found website and make a claim. The website's interface allows for the entry of as much detail as the user can provide. Generally, more information raises the odds of quick recovery. Once a claim is submitted, the process of matching that claim against the database begins.

Airport Lost and Found features a sophisticated logging and database system that brings together the collective knowledge of every airport and airline in the system. Today, lost and found departments at airports take advantage of the newest technologies, photographing and cataloging every lost item that enters their system. These items are then entered into a digital, searchable database. Airport Lost and Found leverages the power of these databases to match user's claims against a vast inventory of photos and descriptions. Specific location data entered by the user serves as the starting point for the search.

Losing something on a plane or in a busy airport terminal is especially discouraging, because thousands of miles may separate the item from its owner before the item is even known to be missing. Getting that smartphone, tablet computer, or engagement ring back when it's on the other side of the world is a logistical challenge. So when an individual is unable to retrieve an item in person, Airport Lost and Found can arrange for a courier service to complete the delivery. Because airports exist to move people and things quickly, it's possible to have rapid, dependable delivery of lost valuables, no matter how big or small.

While success is not absolutely guaranteed, Airport Lost and Found promises to continue searching until the item is discovered. Sometimes there is a delay between an item being lost and the item entering the database, or, an item might be returned to an unexpected location, slowing the search process. But no matter the circumstance, Airport Lost and Found represents the leading solution to a problem that's not going away anytime soon.

About Airport Lost and Found

Like many great ideas, Airport Lost and Found was developed to meet an unfulfilled need. We have been reuniting travelers with their lost property at affordable prices since 2004. The close relationships we have fostered with airport and airline operators across the globe have enabled us to recover lost items on inbound and outbound planes, in airport terminals and in various business establishments within the airport. These relationships are integral to our high success rate for returning items to their rightful owners as swiftly as possible.

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