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Holiday Tipping Guide: 2012


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Why You Shouldn’t Skip the Tip This Holiday Season

Planning for the holidays can be hectic and time consuming. While the holiday season expresses a spirit of giving, holiday tipping may be difficult to manage in terms of who should be tipped and how much should be given.

Over the past few years, consumers have set a tight budget on holiday tipping due to the nation's frail economy. However, with a five-year high on consumer sentiment, recent labor reports, and a rise in contributions to 401(k)'s and rising house prices, a number of indicators show that the economy is steadily improving.

As the nation gains a new sliver of hope in the economy, consumers are likely to be moved to spend more this year on holiday tipping.

"People are more generous this year because when the economy gets better, people do better and tend to be happier around the holiday time," said Jacqueline Whitmore, leading international etiquette expert and founder of the Protocol School of Palm Beach.

"We're probably going to see more people getting tips this year," she said. "It may not be the same amount in years past, but there will be more of it."

Here are a few guidelines on easy, efficient, and affordable ways to holiday tip. Click Ahead to see the full list of whom to tip and how much.

By Kristine Mamanta, Special to
Posted 13 Nov 2012

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